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Hey ppl !!

I'm so glad you guys are loving your year 12 Video ^_^ However, there are a few problems with some of the DVDS we distributed out, ie, they don't work, or they skip quite a lot, making the dvd somewhat unbearable and most likely unwatchable... so if u guys are experiencing this kind of problem, please umm... email me or... whatever, or even come up to me if u see me.. [me, in case ur wondering is Linda Nguyen, if u dont know me, ask someone and perhaps they'll direct u to me] Keep in mind though that in order to get a replacement, we need to have the faulty one back [just in case ur trying to jib us of a free dvd hehe] We have 16 replacement DVD's so please get in fast to grab the working dvds. umm.... ill be around on speech night rehersals, monday and tuesday, and i carry the spares around with me, so just find me, and ill give u a replacement. so if ur dvd is gay, or u know someone who has a gay dvd, tell them they can get a replacement. umm my email is if u cant find me hehehe. but anyway guys, who ever came up with the idea of this community is a genius !! ^_^
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