Vi & Kim (iro_feisch) wrote in atm2004,
Vi & Kim

1 Year Reunion on the 1st of August

hey all,

The reunion is on the 1st of August (as forementioned in the title) from 5:30 - 7:00pm. It's in the function room (next to the mezzanine).

I was talking to Di (the person who organised the reunion) about payment. For those who don't have a credit can gather all your friends that are coming and pay in the one cheque or money order (because it's a pain to write out a cheque for $5). Di said it is VERY PREFERABLE that all payment be in by Friday 22nd July (or before the reunion). BUT if it's not possible, money at the door is the last resort.

Basically, the more there the merrier!

Cheers, seeya there or seeya around!
Vi (remember me?)

PS: apologies for posting on BOTH macrob Lj communities
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